Fanny + Wallet Bundle

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For the true airport minimalist! Skipping a carryon, but want to bring a book and snack? The Oversized Fanny is the sling you need, and the Slim Wallet fits inside perfectly.

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Customer Reviews

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Erin L.

Get this sling bag! I bought one and loved it SO much that I bought another for my daughter! Get this bag! You won’t regret it!


Great quality and stylish

Dr. S.
looking to buy BUT

the standard waist size is great for overweight person, but my waist i 30 invhes or so. It say I have to order a smaller strap separately, adding to the cost. I'd like to order something that fits me, without additional orders.

Inconvenient zipper

I bought this bag a while ago. I don't use it much. But when I do, I always forget how inconvenient it is to open and close the zipper. I think it's a combination of the flap that covers the zipper and not so great zipper quality. The fanny packs I have had in the past have had no flaps covering the zipper making it very convenient to open and close. I usually carry this to the airport to carry my passports for the whole family for easy access. If this was an every day use, I would buy something else.

Unbelievable Lack of Customer Service

After being refused to return a non-used item, I emailed this company at the provided email, requesting a supervisors email or telephone number. The website clearly indicates, "we will get back to you in one business day." Two business days later, Katy C. emailed to inform me that "they don't give that information out." Really? A customer can't speak with an actual supervisor? What company does that?