Sling + Wallet Bundle

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Larger than a Fanny but more compact than a backpack. The Sling plus Slim Wallet is the perfect duo to give you 6 pockets, and room for a book, tablet, snack, water bottle... Transitioning from a Diaper Bag? The Oversized Sling might be your unicorn bag.

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Cheryl B.
New Favorite!!

I’ve had my sling back for 2 weeks and love it! There is room for everything I need and it’s so easy to find things quickly when I need them.what I love the two mesh pockets inside. When I put things there, the design keeps the items in the pockets. The waterproof lining is perfect for me to store a cold pack and my insulin! I love it so much I purchased another piece during the birthday celebration.

Sarah L.
Excellent travel bag

I just got back from a 10 day trip to Greece and used this bag for our daily excursions. Loved the back pockets items like passport and phone were protected because because of back location and waterproof.
Lightweight and washable.

Cynthia S.
Just what I was looking for!

I'm taking a trip to Hawaii in November and wanted a bag to take, but I wasn't looking for a fanny pack or a backpack. I have three kids who are all out of diapers (finally!) BUT I still carry quiet a bit with me. I've been using this daily as a "test run" for our upcoming trip and this sling is perfect! I can fit a refillable hard case of wipes, small hand sanitizer, lip gloss, gum, keys, glasses case, a few first aid items (kids), and I'm a cash spender and use the cash envelope method so my wallet is on the larger side and that fits in there fine! My one and only complaint is I wish the mesh pockets had zippers or opened up from the top instead of on the side as the small items tend to fall out. Other than that, I really love it! I ordered the olive color in oversized and will be purchasing it in black next!

Rebekah G.
Great bag!

I’m loving my new bag. The size is perfect for my needs. Quality and style is great.

Don’t use the bag until you’re sure!

I scoured every picture I could find to try to decide which size I wanted. I settled on the original size. I need the larger size but this company doesn’t accept used product (even for a few days) as an exchange. Don’t use the bag until you’re 100% sure. My first sling and it’s a bust.